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We are on ocean waterfront, nestled in an oasis of rainforest on Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, BC surrounded by coastal mountains, alpine meadows, streams and lakes. Kilometers of uninhabited beach are available to explore. Pristine waters offer abundance of shellfish, sea asparagus and berries. We provide tools and expertise to create your own quality experience while respecting nature, which should be enjoyed but not abused. Waterfront accomodations are only a part of the overall package. Unlike hotels or B&B's, our rates include so much more not the least of which is the boat transportation (60 kms return) from Sechelt.

New! Tzoonie.com played host to the Wilderness Crew mountain bikers this past summer, and the SRAM film is out, and featured on PinkBike.com: All for One - The Search for Adventure

Why Tzoonie is different: (compare our services and rates with any lodge or B&B, we will match a lower price)

  1. We include a boat cruise of the spectacular "Inland Sea" to our location which fortunately is not accessible by road. The 30km cruise will encounter seals and perhaps dolphins and orcas if they happen to be visiting. Expect to see eagles and many varieties of sea birds, fish and oyster farms, coastal logging operations and the natural beauty of the sea, rainforest and mountains.
  2. Many sea and land recreational activities to choose from.
  3. A quiet spiritual setting ideal for meditation and self renewal.
  4. You can beachcomb for oysters, clams and mussels only minutes away from our “oyster shack“.
  5. In addition to reef fish (cod and red snapper), our Inlet is famous for sea run cutthroat trout.
  6. We are experienced hosts happy to provide assistance and equipment to ensure a quality visit and learning experience..
  7. Starlit skies and phenomenal bio-luminescence “fire in the water“.
  8. Located in majestic “old growth“ rainforest and coastal  mountains.

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Tzoonie Blog

Hello everyone:

There is no question that we are entering a busy season. More enquiries and bookings then usual. Perhaps we are entering an era of enjoying and experiencing nature and healthy outdoor recreation as opposed to luxury resorts and busy schedules.

I believe there are a couple of things that should be considered when viewing our website.  Our major expense is boat fuel and maint which is a necessary evil when providing the 60kms return transportation to Tzoonie from town. If you are searching for peace, privacy,tranquility and pristine wilderness with access to high quality shellfish, etc,  you wont find it at a destination you can reach by automobile. Consider this when looking at the rate section. The other consideration relates to the subject of fishing. Narrows Inlet offers some of the best  sea-run cutthroat fishing on the West Coast. Reef fishing for lingcod, red snapper and rockfish is also available if you have the necessary fishing gear. We can supply the boat if you have an operators licence.However, if you are interested in salmon fishing you should look for resorts to the North that specialize in this activity. We are not located on the main runs that are available on the Strait of Georgia. We do not advertize as a fishing destination but rather a place where you can enjoy paddling, biking, hiking, beachcombing, and other forms of recreation.

Perch and shiners are back, a sure indication that spring has arrived. It appears we will be enjoying a great new crop of oysters. The beaches are loaded. The crabbing has been great!

Have enjoyed record breaking temps and expect a "warmer than usual" season. Great for tourists but can create problems with fires. The swimming has been great!

With many reservations and concerns we were talked into signing on with Trip Advisor and Booking.com. Not being a traditional hotel or B&B that you can drive to, we are unique and question the practicality of being involved. However, we are giving it a try. Although we are flexible in departure time by boat to Tzoonie, we have established the checkout and departure time from Tzoonie back to town at no later than 10AM to take advantage of calm water conditions and ferry connections back to Vancouver.

For everyone south of the border pls take advantage of the cdn dollar and come for a visit.

Over the years our goal has been to offer a quality experience at reasonable cost. Most guests pick up a few groceries and do their own food preparation using our extensive facilities and taking advantage of the plentiful seafood. Last season we tried to put more emphasis on all-inclusive packages which included meals. Unfortunately the demand for this service does not justify keeping a chef available. The cost and difficulty of providing catering service for a couple of days is fairly high and consequently we are not encouraging this service. There can be exceptions.

If you wish please call us at (604) 885-9802 or Email us at info@tzoonie.com

Art and Aleta  (June 26,2014)


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