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We are on ocean waterfront, nestled in an oasis of rainforest on Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, BC surrounded by coastal mountains, alpine meadows, streams and lakes. Kilometers of uninhabited beach are available to explore. Pristine waters offer abundance of shellfish, sea asparagus and berries. We provide tools and expertise to create your own quality experience while respecting nature, which should be enjoyed but not abused. Waterfront accomodations are only a part of the overall package. Unlike hotels or B&B's, our rates include so much more not the least of which is the boat transportation (60 kms return) from Sechelt.


New! Tzoonie played host to the Coastal Crew mountain bikers, and the SRAM film is out, and featured on PinkBike.com: All for One - The Search for Adventure

Why Tzoonie is unique and special:

  1. Do you want to park your car in the free, secure lot at the marina and board our boat, leaving your worries and electronics behind, to enjoy the boat cruise of the spectacular "Inland Sea" to your destination which most fortunately is not accessible by road. The 30km cruise will encounter seals and perhaps dolphins and orcas if they happen to be visiting. Expect to see eagles and many varieties of sea birds, fish and oyster farms, coastal logging operations and the natural beauty of the sea, rainforest and mountains?
  2. Do you want to hike or bike our back country enjoying the hiking trails which access the many kms of old logging roads or perhaps grab a canoe or kayak and paddle the protected spectacular inlet?
  3. Do you want to relax, read or meditate to connect with yourself, nourish your spirit and encourage self renewal?
  4. Do you want to beachcomb for oysters, clams, mussels and sea asparagus on kilometers of walkable beach only seconds away from our “oyster shack“?
  5. Do you want to reef fish (cod and red snapper), pr perhaps try your luck for sea run cutthroat trout, or set a crab trap?.
  6. Do you want to wake up to a campfire and complimentary great hot coffee to discuss your plans for the day with your hosts?
  7. Do you want to stay up till dark to marvel at the starlit skies and phenomenal bio-luminescence “fire in the water“?
  8. Do you want to learn about all aspects of the area with the owners who found, developed and have operated this business for 30 years?

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Tzoonie Blog

Hello everyone:

Hopefully the next couple of months will not be a continuation of the extremely hot and dry weather thats been with us since early May. We are under the influence of three major factors, i.e. shellfish closure, campfire ban and probable fresh water shortage. I suppose, " on the other hand", the hot dry weather has warmed the inlet for swimming and paddleboarding, and the shellfish ban has been substituted for better than average crabbing. I guess it's a matter of preference. We've had great guests and everyone has had a lot of fun. The paddleboards are a hit!

One factor that makes us rather unique is the ability to satisfy the culinary desires of our guests. Our beaches and foreshore are rich with shellfish, wild berries, sea asparagus, muchrooms and many other plants and sealife that have sustained our ancestors for centuries.

There are a couple of major factors that should influence travel plans for the coming season. The much lower price of fuel and the de-valuation of the canadian dollar will be welcome news for U.S. and off-shore visitors.

If you wish please call us at (604) 885-9802 or Email us at info@tzoonie.com

Art and Aleta  (July 13,2015)


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